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A Hollywood actor, Bruce came to Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1989. In 1993 he was cast to portray Jesus in The Gospel of Matthew, widely considered one of the most landmark Jesus films ever made. The experience was life-changing, and Bruce turned from his secular career to Christian films, ministry and writing.

A prolific speaker and author, Bruce has traveled the globe and authored several books sharing the love and Person of Jesus, including the best-selling In the Footsteps of Jesus. and Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women.

Founding Marchiano Ministries in 2001, Bruce has worked extensively in South Africa including outreach, church planting and the care of impoverished/HIV-affected children.

Bruce's many Christian films are numerous including the Pure Flix hit The Encounter. Interestingly, Bruce holds the humbling honor of portraying Jesus in more films than any actor in film history.


Launching Marchiano Ministries Films in 2016 Bruce debuted as producer/director in the award-winning pro-life film Alison's Choice. Bruce is now in production on a film of The Gospel According to John, entirely funded by donation.

Bruce lives in southern California with his family, Maria, Brooke and Shane.


Bruce's books and films are available on


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